1) How do i book on one of the trips/holidays?

It's as simple as ringing us up and checking if we have availability! If the holiday or day trip has space available its as simple as giving us a few details (such as address, phone number) and we will take a small deposit to secure your place. Alternatively you can pop into our offices at 19 Barrow Street, St Helens to enquire further

2) how much deposit do i have to leave?

We ask for a £40 deposit per person for our UK Tours, and a £50 deposit for our Continental Tours, with our day trips being so cheap we normally just ask for full payment.

3) i want to cancel a holiday/day trip i have booked, do i get my money back?

Day Trips

Under extenuating circumstances, we reserve the right to refund all monies.


Depending on how far away the departure date is for the holiday, you will receive a percentage of the money back, but your deposit is non-refundable. However, there are no restrictions on having somebody take your place on the holiday.

the percentages are below.

29 - 42 days before departure date | 30% tour price is kept

15 - 28 days before departure date | 50% tour price is kept

8 - 14 days before departure date   | 80% tour price is kept

1 - 7 days before departure date     | 100% tour price is kept

4) I've left one of my belongings on the coach! how do i get it back?

Not to worry, its as simple as giving us a ring and we will do our best to locate your item! Please inform us of the trip you went on, who your driver was and what seat number you was given and we will give you a ring back when the item is found.

5) Where do i get picked up from on the day of the trip?

Day Trips

We have a number of pickup points that are situated around the borough for our day trips (please see picture below)


One of the great things about our company is our Door to Door pickup service! We have a reliable minibus service that will pick you up from the door and transfer you to the coach, and will also take you home from the coach on the way back!


If you have a question that cannot be answered above, please give us a ring on 01744 811 818 (option 1) 

or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do our best to provide you answers!

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